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Friday, January 13, 2006

The tables have turned....for Indian automobile industry

Mahindra, Tata and Bajaj..........the count keeps increasing, although slowly. Very soon, we can expect more automakers from India launch their products in USA.

With the Asian carmakers putting up a really good show in US and Europe, this might turn out to be a great time for Indian auto makers to make their presence felt in the West. Already major automobile makers from the US like General Motors and Ford have planned or invested billions of dollars in Indian manufacturing plants, to reduce manufacturing costs and to target the Asian markets...which by the way is one of the fastest growing market for car sales.

Its time we are going to see cars labelled Designed in USA, made in India all over Asia. But whats even more noteworthy is that we might see cars designed and madde in India launched in Western markets and competing with the best.

This is a nice article on how Indian automobile makers are making their presence felt in the developed countries

Can these positive reviews and success stories encourage Indian automobile industry to explode just like the Japanese have done? I think, the time has come to drive the world....


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