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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rang de Basanti...this generation will certainly awaken

Watched the movie Rang De Basanti and must say was simply amazed by the movie I must say 'khoon jala'. No movie has ever stirred me more than this one.

With some of the dialogues like

"Ek pair future par hain aur doosra past par, isliye tu aaj par khada hoke moot raha hain"

"I have seen 2 kinds of men.. one who die screaming.. and others who die silently.. and now I have met third kind"

"Yeh system ko badal ne jao, toh system saala tumhe hi badal deta hain"

"Khoon jo na ab khaula woh khoon nahin paani hain....
Desh ke kaam na aaye...bekar woh jawani hain...."

"Kuch dhamaka hona chahiye, tabhi log samjenge aur jaagenge..."

"University ke gate ke is taraf DJ ki aukaat hai, DJ ko sab log pehchante hai. Gate ke us taraf koi aukaat hi nahin.
University ke gate ke is taraf life ko hum chalate hain aur gate ke us taraf, life hum ko chalati hai"

The movie is presented as an analogy betweeen the past and the present and boy does it work!!! The seamless transition between past and the present, and the comparisons between the two eras will stay with you forever. The film screams out one message and that is beautifully depicted in one of the songs 'BE A REBEL'

Every charaacter has his opinion and the characters come straight out of life. The bonding between the friends is better than even 'Dil Chahta Hain'. The background music by AR Rahman is amazing, believe me the backgroung score was better than Munich which is a political drama by Spielberg. Hats off.

This generation will certainly awaken....


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