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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Balance of Life......

It was the middle of a full moon night. Buddha was sitting in his hut, meditating. The cold breeze carried with it the strains of a plaintive song - emerging from a person, on the verge of breaking down. Buddha got up and picking up his upper robe came out of the hut. Walking towards the source of the song, he saw, not far from his own hut, a frail young monk sitting on a rock, singing desolately. He was Srauna, a young man from the Royal family. Inspired by Buddha, he had renounced the world and started practicing intense austerities. If the other bhikkus would rest in shade, he’d stay in the scorching sun. Walking in the forest, when others moved on the patches of tender grass, he’d walk on the thorny and rough pathways. He’d fast for days together, when almost all of them went for alms once a day; thus making him frail, removing all his glow and vigour. Yet he remained far from his goal! This was the cause of his dejection. Buddha told him: “Srauna, you were a brilliant musician before you renounced everything. People came from far and wide to hear you play the sitar. May I ask you, what produces better music – a loosened chord or an overstretched one?” Srauna smiled and said, “Buddha, none. The art lies in striking the balance. Too much stretch breaks the chord. Only true skill can get it.” “Yes! Meditate on that”, said Buddha and walked off.


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nice one dude....

June 21, 2006 9:42 PM


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